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Two New Advertising Methods Added!
Published on 30-01-2019

Dear members,

AdNetwork Group (BitVertiser, AdLitecoin & AdEtthereum) decided to add 2 more new advertising methods after we received many tickets where advertisers request to bring more advertising options for them.

Begin today advertisers can purchase Featured Ads Impressions and Featured Link Ads.

Your Advertisements will be displayed on the Homepage of the site, where you can receive greatest results from your advertising!

Best regards,

Russel W.

What is Szabo and how much is worth it? (Tutorial)
Published on 28-01-2019

What is Szabo and how much is worth it?

Szabo is a unit of Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. 1 ETH = 1000000 Szabo.

1 Szabo = 0.00000100 ETH
10 Szabo = 0.00001000 ETH
100 Szabo = 0.00010000 ETH
1000 Szabo = 0.00100000 ETH
10000 Szabo = 0.01000000 ETH
100000 Szabo = 0.10000000 ETH
1000000 Szabo = 1 ETH

Admin AdEthereum - AdLitecoin - BitVertiser

Referral Contest !
Published on 28-01-2019

Hello AdEthereum members!

The Following 30 days Referral Contest will be runing!

Total Prizes 10 ETH (10000000 Szabo)!

Prizes will be alocated as:

1 4000000 Szabo Main balance
2 2500000 Szabo Main balance
3 1500000 Szabo Main balance
4 1000000 Szabo Purchase balance
5 400000 Szabo Purchase balance
6 200000 Szabo Purchase balance
7 100000 Szabo Purchase balance
8 100000 Szabo Purchase balance
9 100000 Szabo Purchase balance
10 100000 Szabo Purchase balance

* No Multi-accounts
* No Referrals from sites that are providing referrals
* We can suspend a user from the contest without warning if notice something suspicious

The Contest will end on 2019-02-26 23:59 server time!

Good Luck!

AdEthereum- support team

AdEthereum Official Launch
Published on 27-01-2019

Hello everyone,

As your host Russell Weissman, I have the pleasure to introduce the grand opening to our third project in this industry ––

After our real succes with and I decided to extend to a diferent coin after many request from the members!

AdEthereum is a a unique and modern platform Ethereum Paid-to-Click website for clients to earn ETH by surfing ads as well as make campaigns to promote their sites or products related to Ethereum.

We offer various ways to collect and earn Ethereum (ETH) like listed below and many other methods that will come in the future.

Our member will benefit:

- 6 Szabo Per click
- 100% from your referral surfing!
- 10%-to-2% through 7-Tier referral upgrade
- 10%-to-2% through 7-Tier referral spending
- Withdrawals from 0.0025 ETH
- Earn 4x with Membership
- Targeted REAL crypto users.
- Duration between 5 to 200 seconds.
- CPC starts from 0.50 Szabo.
- Multiple advertising methods
- Strong anti-cheat protection
- Thousands of potential members

- No Hidden Fee for withdrawing ( Payeer Network Fees: 500 Szabo + 10% Our Fees, and Ethereum Network Fees: 400 Szabo + 10% Our Fees

- Multiple payment currency support (Payeer and Ethereum);

- Earn extra Szabo from our Games section

Referral Contest: total prize 10 ETH

SignUP Bonus:

- Free 250 Szabo;
- Free 10000 Banner impressions;
- Free 100 PTC Views.

The future is in your favor, act now to collect Szabo and write your a new story with AdEthereum!

All the best,

Russell Weissman

We have paid 8,210,407Szabo to our members